Human players are organised in teams.

One of the key objectives of entrepSim is to develop teamwork capabilities. Just like entrepreneurial teams, our participants frequently have to face very difficult situations and must make decisions on a short period of time. Disagreement among team members is frequent. Successful teams are usually these who identify (and take advantage of) the skills each player may bring to the group, are able to overcome their differences and find ways to buy essays online cheap; so collectively decide on a course of action and remain cohesive when facing the corresponding consequences.

  • Each team plays the role of the venture’s founder.
  • This is not a competitive strategy simulation: teams do not compete against each other in the same market
  • They do operate in the same virtual market, develop the same technology, face similar problems, but act if the others did not exist
  • However, they will face the competition of virtual stronger incumbents operating on the same market 
  • Teams only face the consequences of their own decisions – there are no random effects
  • In practice, at each round (stage) different teams will be in different situations and face different challenges which allows for a more vivid and interesting class discussion
  • Their target is to maximize the founder’s wealth at exit